Silver polishing cloth VS Silver liquid cleaner

Silver liquid cleaner is the most commonly used in Malaysia among silver jewellery shops/stores. It is easy to use and cleans silver really fast. Basically all we have to do is just dip the silver jewellery in for just a few seconds and let the liquid do the magic.  And it’ll be all shiny and new again. However it would be a major problem for antique silver and also people who tend to leave their jewellery lying around for so long. Once the jewellery tarnishes, it would be best to clean it immediately instead of just leaving it as it is until the whole piece turns bronze in colour. When that happens, it would be difficult to remove those stubborn stains and make it look brand new again.  Lucky for us, the silver polishing cloth is able to do the trick.  Yes it can be a little bit pricey compared to the liquid cleaner but we think it’s totally worth it. After all we want our silver jewelleries to maintain that shine and sparkle right? Plus the polishing cloth can also be used for gold and platinum jewelleries.
We happened to own both, the liquid cleaner as well as the polishing cloth. Here’s why:
We use the liquid cleaner for plain silver jewelleries only (definitely cost saving as it can last you for about a year or more), and the polishing cloth for jewelleries which has shells, precious stones, as well as silver jewelleries that are mixed with gold. We have to be extra careful with shells because using the liquid can not only cause the shell to lose its shine, but it can also cause breakage.  Our conclusion, a silver polishing cloth is a good investment especially for people who are silver jewellery collectors like us. It allows us to keep our jewelleries in dazzling condition.


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