Costume Jewelry


Have you ever wondered why some costume jewelleries tarnish faster than others? It is because some jewellery manufacturers plate their jewelleries very thinly with palladium. Palladium is some sort of a silver coat which they normally use for costume jewelleries. Overtime this plating would come off and the metal underneath it will start to show. Jewelleries with thicker palladium plating will definitely last longer.

Some of the items could get pretty expensive too if you ask me, places like forever 21, TopShop and Diva to name a few. I am personally a fan myself because some of their items are really funky and unique. However as buyers, we wouldn’t be able to know the thickness of the palladium right? When it comes to costume jewelleries, it is always sort of like a gamble because we can never tell how long the item is going to last. It might last longer than you’d expect or the contrary. So in order to prevent your costume jewellery from tarnishing very quickly, here are some few tips on what you can do to slow down the process.
- Remove your jewelleries when bathing or swimming. Chlorine and soap can cause your jewellery to tarnish very quickly.
- Remove your jewelleries when playing sports or doing any outdoor activities as sweat and heat are one of the main causes for jewellery to tarnish easily.
- Generally you should make sure you keep your jewelleries away from perfume, any alcohol based products, dirt, oil, cosmetic products, chemicals and food substances.
- Keep your jewellery pieces separated from each other, best in a zipper bag or jewellery boxes. If the pieces are kept together, it may get scratched or damaged (this applies to sterling silver jewelleries as well).


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