These are some of our sterling silver jewelry collection. Most of the items we only have ONE piece and the maximum only THREE pieces. That's because we prefer changing our collection frequently and it also makes each item unique and rare.


RM 14

The colour and pattern of the abalone shell may vary from item to item due to the uniqueness of each shell.

RM 45

RM 59

                                                                         RM 36

                                                                           RM 66

RM 36

RM 40

RM 46

Shiva Eye Shell
RM 35

Mother of Pearl

                                                                       RM 47

Clear Cubic Zirconia stones
                                                                          RM 30

Abalone & Shiva Eye Shell Inlaid
                                                                          RM 35

Swarovski Crystal

This lovely item was handmade. A one of a kind necklace. The colour of the Swarovski crystal is actually very light yellow. It comes with a 925 sterling silver toggle chain necklace.
RM 120


RM 58

These are some of our non silver items which mostly consists of crosses and crucifix which can be worn as a pendant or it also can be attached to rosaries.

RM 8

RM 4

RM 4

                                                                         RM 4


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