Happy 2011! Yeah I know it's a bit late. lol. We are already into the end of the 2nd week. Been pretty busy with self healing and detoxing. Working with gemstones definitely help. Will fill you guys in about it later. After this I hope I'll be able to write and update this blog more often. Okay so here are some of our new items which are already in our Etsy store and some I have not listed yet. =D

Astro. Moonstone Garnet Necklace

Fallen Moonstone Necklace

Forrest Spectrolite Necklace

The Traveler's Stone. Rainbow Moonstone Necklace
Ruby Necklace
Spectrolite Garnet Necklace
There will be more gorgeous rainbow moonstone pieces to come. So do check our store often. We'll try to add new items everyday if possible. Also I'll be doing more reviews on other Etsians. I think I should not limit to just jewelries. That way I'll have more stores to recommend. =) Have a nice day!

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