Coffin Love


So lately I've been obsessing with coffins again and here are some interesting finds on Etsy. Oh and I meant rings. hehe. I definitely have the dopest GEMSTONE coffin ring. Nobody makes it better than Idle Hands Designs.

I absolutely love gemstones so Idle Hands is of course number one in my books. However there are some really cool sterling silver only coffin rings I came across on Etsy. The first one by Jewels Vine really blew me away. I'll show you why.

Yep it opens up exactly like a real coffin and all. How brilliant is that??

And skeleton as the band! Can't get any better than that. :)

The first thing that came to mind was "Omg! Creepy!" Lol. Just look at the expression. Yikees! :) But I absolutely love it. So unique and the detail on the ring looks great. Oh and I forgot to mention the amazing seller. It's by Wicked Metalz.

Besides this wonderfully unique and creepy ring, they have other equally amazing rings as well so do check them out. My other favourites are the wolf ring (Lobo The Mad Wolf), dragon ring (Ancalagon The Black), wings with a tire ring (Wings Of Freedom) and Grim Reaper ring. They have quite a lot of cool skull pieces as well. Oh and did I mention their rings are reasonably priced as well? ;)

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