Annual Christmas/Holiday Sale


I have listed some of my new designs/current collection of gemstones and they are on sale at the moment. The annual Christmas/Holiday sale will be until the 13th of December. Friends and fans get an additional 5% discount just by entering this coupon code XMAS13 during checkout. I will be flying off to Bali on the 14th of December. All purchases made on the 13th will be shipped out before I leave.  I will be closing my store for about 3 weeks. I will reopen the store when I get back, most probably by the 3rd of January. :) 

Some of the necklaces are not in store yet. I will be listing them tomorrow. 

Spectrolite & Rainbow Moonstone

Labradorite with beautiful blue flash


Triangle rainbow moonstone

Carved MOP rose shell with garnets and amethysts

Faceted oval rainbow moonstone with blue flash

Rainbow Moonstone with Smokey Quartz

Faceted Teardrop Rainbow Moonstone

Faceted Leaf Labradorite with garnets

I will be working on some necklaces tomorrow and then I will be moving on to earrings. I have one more big teardrop rainbow moonstone in stock (which I will be working on) that has beautiful blue and violet flash. Hope to find more unique gemstones in Bali for next year. 

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