First and foremost I hope you guys don’t mind me using the US and British spelling for 'jewelry' back and forth. =) I know it’s confusing... I think I confused myself too. Lol.
Okay we are currently making our own jewelries and I think Iva finished her bracelets? Got to check with her and will post that up soon. Finally we get to express ourselves through our work. It is so much fun. You guys should try it. Heck if nobody likes it, we could just wear it ourselves right? =D We find it hard to get sterling silver jewelry findings here. WHY?? Everything is silver or white gold plated. Anybody out there who knows where we can get sterling silver findings or if you are selling it...please please do contact us. Thanks.
New gold plated and silver plated earrings are in!! Gorgeous!! Most are huge, just like those bling Beyonce would wear. =) I think our pictures didn't really do the earrings any justice. 

And because Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year is coming up, we would like to offer free shipping for all items until end of February.


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