Why buy sterling silver?

This topic is actually debatable and also based on individual liking and preferences. For people like us who enjoy being outdoors and perspire so much due to our very humid weather, we definitely prefer sterling silver because of its durability plus the beauty of the metal is undeniable and it is affordable too. Different people have different types of body chemistry. For me, I tend to corrode jewellery rapidly and if you have the same issues like I do, then sterling silver would be a better choice.
On a side note there are actually different types of silver, however 925 sterling is the purest we can find in jewelleries because of its durability. Pure silver (99.9%) is not suitable for jewellery making because it is too soft.
Sterling silver would be the most suitable for people like myself because it would not cause skin irritation or allergic reaction. I think most people have this perception that sterling silver tarnishes easily, and therefore they would prefer silver plating to white gold plating. That might be true however unlike sterling silver, the downside of costume jewelleries is that we won’t be able to restore the jewellery to its original condition once it tarnishes. Despite costume jewelleries being cheaper than sterling silver, for me it wouldn’t be cost saving at all because I would have to keep changing my jewelleries every single time. However if you happen to be one of those lucky people who doesn’t corrode your jewelleries rapidly like me, then by all means go with whatever metals that you like. After all there are so many choices out there and we should know what is best for ourselves.


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