New handmade items


Here are some of the new items we recently made. We recently included bookmarks in our list. Iva made a couple of gorgeous bookmarks that will fit books up to the size of 27.5 cm long.

Ocean Blue Dainty Necklace
Necklace measures approx 18 and a half inch.
We only have one piece of this design.
RM 27

Sparkler MOP Earring
A combination of crystals and Mother of Pearl shell. 
MOP shell is reversible as you can see from the picture below.
RM 10

MOP Wing Pendant (new batch)

'S' Bookmark with flower charm

We only have one of this. I love this one. 
Beautiful!! The bronze gives an antique look to it.

Double Circle Crystal Bookmark with Shell Pearl

Organic Low Gypsy Earring
This piece is meant to be as colourful as possible hence the
mixture of different colour crystals, turquoise, dyed stones, shell and fresh water pearls.
This was done on silver plated hooks.
We could always make it on sterling silver hooks for those who are metal sensitive.

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