Jewelry from The Vampire Diaries by CharmedByLaurie


If you are a Vampire Diaries fan, then you will definitely love this. I don’t think there is anyone out there selling the Salvatore Crest Ring and the Elena’s Vervain Necklace with this much precision and beauty. It is a perfect "replica" of Stefan’s ring from the series with real Lapis Lazuli stone. The seller/designer (CharmedByLaurie) even managed to capture the intricate details on the ring band as well as the Salvatore Crest with perfection. It is absolutely beautiful! I personally call it a “sexy” macho ring, makes the Salvatore brothers look hotter than they already are. Okay maybe it’s just my obsession with vampires and their family crest. Hehe...

Elena’s Vervain Necklace is another beauty created by the seller with perfection in terms of the design on the locket. It even opens up beautifully to fit spices in there and even vervain if you can get your hands on any. Hehe... Nina Dobrev looked so good wearing it with everything, which made all of us want to have one as well. And now we can! Besides, we girls could use some protection from bad boys like Damon right? ;-) 

***A slight correction here, when you purchase Elena’s Vervain Necklace, the seller will include vervain in it. So what are you girls waiting for? Go grab yourself one! =) ***

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