Art By Crixie


It was by coincidence I met this extremely talented artist. As you all know I love all things creepy, dark and eerie so naturally her art captured my attention. I was admiring all her work available in her Etsy store and of course I wanted to know more about the artist so I went to her profile page. That's how I got to know about her spinal cord injury. And this was about a month after I injured two of my disc. I just had to drop her a message. And because she could relate to my pain and injury, that's how we started chatting and I got to know that not only is Cris a very talented artist, she is also a very brave and strong person. Someone I came to admire over time. All her art work available in her store was created by her before her injury. To me, when I look at her paintings I somehow tend to associate it with the works of Neil Gaiman and Tim Burton. Here are some of her work available in her store...

Her paintings of houses, cottages and mansions gives me the chills whenever I look at them, in a good way. =) Some reminds me of The Graveyard Book, others The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. Lol.
I wish Cris all the best and I hope she'll be able to pick up her paint brush again soon. She is such a great inspiration to all. (

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