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Off late jewelry making hasn't been too fun for me due to my disc injury. Because of the pain, I think I prefer sketching my designs rather than  the actual process of making it. lol. However I do love looking at the end results and therefore I've not stopped working, just taking it real slow. I think one of a kind pieces are really interesting however it takes a lot of time to come up with new designs all the time. Here are some of the new items that's already up on my Etsy store. =) 

Stepping Stones ~ Spectrolite Nugget Onyx Necklace

one of a kind

Will be listing this up real soon

The back of the necklace ~ garnets!

Such an amazing stone! *dreamy*

Chandelier Filigree Garnet Earrings

one of a kind

Long Peridot Earrings

one of a kind 

Winter ~ Freshwater Pearl Earrings

one of a kind

Spear ~ Marquise Rainbow Moonstone Pyrite Necklace

one of a kind

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