Christmas SALE & New Items In Store


In addition to starting off the Christmas Sale earlier this year, I've added new items to the store. So do check it out. There will be more to come. More moonstones of course, and then the newly added black & blue kyanite and some rough lapis lazuli pieces soon. 

Matte finished lapis lazuli

Black Kyanite Necklace *broom not included ;)

Blue Kyanite OOAK

Rainbow Moonstone w/ Pyrite (to match the copper flash)

The copper/peach stripes matches the pyrite beautifully

Double Trouble. Reversible Pendant.
Blue Kyanite Earrings to match the Kyanite Necklace above
Will be making more earrings with pyrite and moonstones tomorrow. I have quite a few medium size teardrop rainbow moonstones left. If you're interested in a necklace, you can always contact me for a custom piece.

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