Creating & making


I have literally locked myself at home for the past few days, just concentrating on making more jewelries and photographing them whenever I can get some sunlight. I love how I'm able to create something and not think too much about the cost. Previously I didn't allow myself to do that, worried that it might not sell because of the high cost. Now I just let it happen, let the ideas just flow. 

Garnet with pink mystic quartz
Rainbow moonstone necklace

Sunstone with rainbow moonstone

Rainbow moonstone earrings

Cubic zirconia cross with slate green mystic quartz necklace

I will be listing them up in my store tomorrow. There are also some that I haven't got the chance to photograph yet. I also have quite a few sterling silver pieces that was from our initial purchases. I'm still contemplating on whether I should sell them off here as it is or try to incorporate it with my designs. I love how the cubic zirconia cross with slate green mystic quartz necklace turned out so beautifully. It almost looks like a rosary. 

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