It's good to be back


It has been a very long time since my last post. Nevertheless I'm back and I will be making a lot more jewelries in time for Christmas. Really excited and looking forward to it. I haven't listed this pair of earrings yet. A combination of two of my favourite stones, garnet and rainbow moonstones. It is actually one of the first few things I've made and I've been hoarding them for quite a while, not sure if I wanted to sell it. lol. Because the availability of the stones changes throughout the years and like this garnet here, I don't think I've seen it anywhere else already. 

Same goes for this lovely peridot and citrine nuggets. I can't seem to get them anymore. And this happened to be the last one available. Been hoarding these stones for a while too. lol. I know I tend to do that a lot. It's time to let them all go, they deserve a good home. They are too beautiful to be kept in a box. They will be up in my Etsy store very soon. :)

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